Our Story

Our Story…

It all starts with Purim.  The friendship was kindled several Purims ago but it was Adar 5773 that a chevruta was formed and the world began to shake.  In learning before our weekly shiur with Shlomo Katz our Monday nights were infused with deep Torahs, the teachings we learned together serendipitously (but really, is there such a thing? Isn’t everything min ha’shamayim?) complementing the words of Reb Shlomo Carlebach.

We discovered a shared passion and deep respect for holistic wellness being heavily influenced by medical intuitives including Caroline Myss and other respected figures in the healing community like Brandon Bays.  We explored our shared sense of whimsy recognizing universal truths being shared by flourishing online communities such as TED, SoulPancake and The Happiness Project.

We are both uniquely blessed to have grown up in Torah observant homes, a foundation enriched by continued learning at respected institutions beyond our yeshiva day school years.  We have grown to find that so many of the figures we hold in esteem beyond the Jewish world, the communities we join are in fact intuitively in-tune with the deeper workings of the world, drawing universal truths from the wellspring of Torah.  Following our curiosities we are on a journey to re-encounter the depths of this wellspring through the Torahs of Mey HaShilo’ach, Rebbe Nachman, Reb Shlomo, Rav Kook… it is with this wealth of resources that we devote ourselves to our learning, our yoga, our tefilah, each practice informing the other to weave together a balanced, abundant life.

Although Re’eh Anochi was first conceived as an intimately private practice towards personal growth, we chose to open it up and share the project with a wider audience and connect with like-hearted souls, to support each other in fulfilling our G-d given mission.


grew up in a religious Zionist home in Cleveland, Ohio. Her love for Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael, and Torat Yisrael was nurtured through her involvement with Fuchs Mizrachi School, Bnei Akiva, Camp Stone, Green Road Synagogue, and the Jewish Federation.  Immediately upon graduating from high school nine years ago, she moved to Israel to pursue a career in Jewish education. At Migdal Oz she studied Tanach, Gmara, Halacha, and Chasidut for four years. Years of dealing with chronic health conditions set her on a journey to discover alternative healing options to live a healthy daily life. Seeing the dramatic shift in her quality of life by reconnecting with Hashem and incorporating a daily yoga practice in her schedule, Ariella was inspired to become a certified yoga instructor so that she could help other women realize their own hidden potentials.


is a ten-year Jerusalemite with West Coast roots in Los Angeles and Vancouver which explains her fashion savvy with a hippie flair. Following a year in the beit midrash of Nishmat, she has gone on to realize multi-passionate dreams in design, photography and social media.  When she’s not in the kitchen whipping up desserts, glass of wine in hand, you’ll find her laptop in tow getting the latest from Lifehacker, RealSimple and Apartment Therapy.  You can follow Shelley at @itzuvi


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