monthly questions

New to “Re’eh Anochi”?  Check out our inspiration.  These are our monthly questions.  They focus on the unique theme of each Hebrew month providing an added dimension to our self-discovery as we align ourselves with the cyclical energies of the year.  We will explore the mazalot (astrological signs), tikunim (fixing/growth/elevation) and corresponding emotions to connect more powerfully to ourselves and our greater whole as a nation.

אלול – Elul – How did you practice loving forgiveness towards yourself?  How did you show love and forgiveness to another?

תשרי – Tishrei

רם חשוון – Cheshvan

כסלו – Kislev

טבת – Tevet

שבט – Sh’vat

אדר א – Adar I

אדר ב – Adar II

ניסן – Nissan

אייר – Iyar

סיוון – Sivan

תמוז – Tamuz

מנחם אב – Av


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